James Fair  - wildlife journalist (gannet)
James Fair -  wildlife journalist (puffins)
James Fair wildlife photographer and journalist (butterfly)
James Fair  - wildlife and conservation journalist and photographer
James Fair wildlife writer and journalist

James Fair

Journalist and writer

James Fair

James Fair

James Fair -  wildlife writer and journalist

An experienced journalist with a longstanding passion for wildlife and the environment, James Fair specialises in investigating political, controversial issues such as badger culling, the illegal wildlife trade and the links between grouse-shooting and persecution of birds of prey.


James spent 18 years as a writer and commissioning editor at BBC Wildlife Magazine. In his time there, he interviewed most of the prominent personalities in the field of wildlife conservation, including David Attenborough, Chris Packham, Jane Goodall, Bill Oddie and Kate Humble.


As travel editor of BBC Wildlife, James researched and wrote supplements on Sri Lanka, Tasmania and the Cayman Islands, and specialised in writing about places and species of conservation significance – he travelled to Gabon to write about western lowland gorillas and southern Spain to report on efforts to save the Iberian lynx, the world’s rarest big cat.



James Fair  author of 'Travel Writing - The Expert Guide'

Travel Writing - The Expert Guide by James Fair

Travel Writing: The Expert Guide

James Fair

Published in 2014



100 Great Wildlife Exeriences of Great Britain by James Fair

100 Great Wildlife Experiences by James D Fair

100 Great Wildlife Experiences of Britain

James D. Fair

Published in 2019

James Fair - wildlife journalist and writer
Features, articles and news covering
wildlife conservation, ecology and environmental issues

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