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James Fair

James Fair

James Fair -  wildlife writer and journalist

An experienced journalist with a longstanding passion for wildlife and the environment, James Fair specialises in investigating political, controversial issues such as badger culling, the illegal wildlife trade and the links between grouse-shooting and persecution of birds of prey.


James spent 18 years as a writer and commissioning editor at BBC Wildlife Magazine. In his time there, he interviewed most of the prominent personalities in the field of wildlife conservation, including David Attenborough, Chris Packham, Jane Goodall, Bill Oddie and Kate Humble.


As travel editor of BBC Wildlife, James researched and wrote supplements on Sri Lanka, Tasmania and the Cayman Islands, and specialised in writing about places and species of conservation significance – he travelled to Gabon to write about western lowland gorillas and southern Spain to report on efforts to save the Iberian lynx, the world’s rarest big cat.


Latest stories

James Fair


Mongabay | January 2020

Big cat scientist and conservationist Tanya Rosen’s (center) work in Tajikistan led her to work in the M-Sayod Conservancy which protects species such as markhor sheep and snow leopards. Image courtesy Tanya Rosen.

Conservationists in peril: Scientists, campaigners risk their lives for their work


A leopard scientist who was threatened by a gunman in Tajikistan and Iranian cheetah experts who have been imprisoned for just doing their job are just some of the conservationists who have put their lives on the line for their work and their passion for nature.


James Fair


BBC Wildlife Magazine | August 2020

Photo: Shutterstock

“There are places where you have thousands of animals, cages stacked up on each other, animals being slaughtered right in front of you”


With COVID-19 placing bushmeat trade firmly in the spotlight, what does the future hold for wildlife markets and the health of the human population?


Severn Bore - A walk along Britain's longest river


BBC Countryfile Magazine | January 2021

Photo: PJ Photography / Shutterstock

A dramatic encounter with the Severn Bore on an atmospheric walk beside Britain’s longest river


Experience the mighty Severn Bore – a tidal wave on Britain's longest river – in episode one, series 8 of the BBC Countryfile Magazine podcast.


Plodcast host Fergus Collins joins local resident and naturalist James Fair for a wander along the river just before the Bore struck.


Green turtle covering her nest at Alagadi


Mongabay | March 2021

Photo: James Fair

Turtle conservation hits the SPOT in North Cyprus


Green and loggerhead turtle nest counts have increased by 162% and 46% respectively in less than two decades on North Cyprus in the Mediterranean. The increase has been achieved through preventing nests being raided by dogs and foxes, and protecting the beaches from tourism development.


Orangutan convservation by James Fair


BBC Wildlife Magazine | April 2021

Photo: Anup Shah | Minden Picrures | FLPA

The $80m million question


The world spends a huge amount of money on orangutan conservation every year but their numbers are still declining. What’s going on, why isn’t palm oil to blame and what can we do to arrest the downward curve?


The future of the Arabian Leopard by James Fair


The Independent | July 2021

Photo: Shutterstock

Born to be wild: A daring vision of the Arabian leopard’s future


The number of Arabian leopards has long been in decline, and it’s thought there are now less than 200 adults left in the wild. But a new decade-long initiative could start to reverse that.


Catherine Withers of Yew Tree Farm, Bristol


BBC Countryfile Magazine | September 2021

Photo: James Fair

Losing ground?


Wildlife flourishes alongside livestock at Yew Tree Farm near Bristol. But as the city struggles to provide housing for its growing population, farmer Catherine Withers faces losing her land to development.


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